1. Every student shall keep discipline, decency and decorum in the premises of the institution. Good manners and social etiquettes are very important in civilized society and students of art have to practice them sincerely.
  2. Students are not allowed to give public performance or accept professional engagements in any line of art at the time of their training, except under the direction and permission of Lasya college.
  3. Students will be liable to be charged for any damage caused by them to the property of the institution.
  4. Dress: It is important that practitioners of performing arts like music and dance should wear simple and decent dress. Students will have to wear an appropriate uniform which will be specified by the college.
  5. Students should be in the college at least 5 minutes before the first bell to attend prayers/assembly. Unauthorized absence in any class on a day may result in forfeiture of that day’s attendance.
  6. Students are not allowed to meet parents or visitors during working hours without permission of the Principal.
  7. Students in the hostel should take part in all extra – curricular activities organized by the college.
  8. No students should indulge in recording/ photographing any event in the college premises without prior permission from the competent authority.
  9. Cell phones, video equipment and sound recording devices should not be brought into class rooms or activated in the college. Violation of this rule will be viewed as a serious misconduct.
  10. Any serious misconduct or delinquency on the part of a student will be intimated to his/her parent or guardian by the Principal. However the Principal/ Chairman of the college in consultation with Heads of Department will be competent to take disciplinary action including the suspension/dismissal of a student, depending on the serious nature of his / her misconduct.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Admitted Girls students who need accommodation at the campus hostel may fill up a separate application available from the office
  2. Students shall equip themselves with all the necessary articles such as text books, note books, musical instruments and practice costumes.
  3. Students are often selected for performances of dance and music as part of their training. These may require prolonged rehearsals. Students should attend such rehearsals at their own expense at the time specified by competent authority. Students selected for stage performances must participate in them without fail,; failure to do so without sufficient reason will attract disciplinary action.
  4. Other things being equal, the inmates of the hostel will be given preference over others in the selection of artistes for stage shows. This is to facilitate easy accessibility and convenient rehearsal timings.
  5. Any genuine grievance brought in a written letter to the notice of the institution regarding any lapse in the curriculum will be looked into immediately, and possible remedial measures, if any, will be initiated forthwith.
  6. Fee once paid is not refundable on any ground.
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